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Peace Pilgrimages in 2010

General Information About a Peace Walk

1. We walk an average of 15-18 miles a day. However, people can walk for as short or long a distance as they are comfortable. Also, join for an hour, a day, the entire walk ... whatever is possible to offer, we deeply appreciate your presence.
2. A support vehicle is available to carry luggage and foot-sore walkers.
3. We stay at people's homes, churches and community centers. Please bring your own sleeping gear. There is no charge for food or lodging.
4. We walk about 3 mph pace and take breaks every hour.
5. VERY IMPORTANT: Experience has shown that it is best to wear comfortable walking shoes that are a half size too big for your feet. Your feet will swell over the distance.
6. Also, please bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle and clothing appropriate for the weather.
7. For anyone who would like to participate but rather not walk, support vehicle drivers are always needed.

International Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free Future,
 Oak Ridge, TN to New York City
Feb. 11-May 1, 2010
In May 2010, the United Nations will review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a review that is made every five years. Due to the mounting world-wide crisis in nuclear weapons and to statements by US President Barack Obama supporting nuclear disarmament, this year progress in nuclear weapons disarmament seems more possible than any time in recent memory. It is vital that we take advantage of this auspicious opening. We are at a critical moment in history when either every nation will have nuclear weapons or no one will have them.

Click here to view a schedule for this walk that in being organized by Footprints for Peace